It has been a while. What’s going on?

Hi everyone! It has been quite a while since I’ve done any kind of update to the website.

Well, back in February, I was re-hired by Target. In April, I left Target for The GRID: Powered by Goodwill. That is an electronics store that is part of Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont.

I’m in an odd position, honestly. I have trouble focusing on freelance work while I have a part time job. I admit that. And sadly, I tend to lose what clients I have when that happens.

And then, I’m working out some things with my own mental health.

I’m looking for a full time job now. I’m not sure I’m going to continue freelancing. With some of the things I know now about myself, I’m not sure freelancing is the best option. I do well with routine, and freelancing is anything but. I could make it work if I had more work coming in again, but I don’t. And I’m scared to commit to projects now with some of the more recent experiences I’ve had on projects, because of time restraints, mainly.

I’ve been struggling to get ahead with this. And I just recently found out a big key as to why. At the moment I’m not going to talk about it here on the website, but will do so at a future time once I have confirmed some things.

And I never took the Codeable stuff off of this site. I’m still on Codeable, but there are things about Codeable these days that really discourage me from using it to find new work through them these days.

Basically, at the moment I’m re-evaluating freelance website design and development, and figuring out what I should do, if anything, with it. I am thinking that maybe I would be better with a team of developers. Even if I get in as a Junior Web Developer again somewhere (though it would seem like a step backwards since I’ve been freelancing for a while), I’d be happy.