Process & Pricing

One Day Package
$200 $100/day - Indefinite Price Cut

Quick jobs. Great for:

-Minor website adjustments
-Testing the waters, getting an idea of how Cagle Web Solutions works for you and with you
-A design mockup or a few graphics
-Discovery session time
One Week Package
$800 $400/week - Indefinite Price Cut

Small projects that will take a few days. Great for:

-Coding small projects
-Ideate or Prototyping phases for website projects (sketching, graphical ideas for ideating, creating live mockups for prototyping)
(20% discount from One Day Package)
One Month Package
$2800 $1400/month - - Indefinite Price Cut

Long term projects and long term client-developer relationship. Great for:

-Larger projects that may take about a month or more
-Long term projects that may take multiple months
-Long term development relationship for your website, including WebCare Level 3 features
(20 days for the price of 14, 30% discount from One Day Package)

As an independent web services provider, I use the progressive design method to help the client meet their goals of the website that is being built. The progressive design method was created by ZURB and I have since adopted this method because it’s best for both you, the client, as well as the designer and developer. There are 5 phases of the progressive design method:

The outline

The following is a general outline and pricing (other than the $250 for the two discovery sessions) may differ from what you see, but this is generally how it’s done. A more detailed outline will be given when all required discovery sessions are completed.

I. Define: We define the problem we’re trying to solve together. A goal is then defined, and research begins on how to get to that goal. This starts with a minimum of two discovery sessions and 6 hours of research on your area of business. – $250 for two discovery sessions, $75 per hour for additional discovery sessions – Begin the process

II. Ideate: Once research has completed, we then move forward to creating ideas for the website. We don’t start with a full mock-up/prototype, but rather small details, such as buttons, graphics that should be used, etc. – $2000 for two weeks

III. Prototype: Now the prototyping/mock-up begins. I generally like to work with the client on creating one live mock-up/prototype. – $3000 for two weeks

IV. Build: Now we move from the prototype to building the site. This will take at least a month to do properly, and possibly more. During this time, it’s not just building, but testing and getting feedback from you, the client. – $4000 for 4 weeks of development

V. Analyze: Any good website will need to be tested. In testing, I like to find real people to view the site and get a real-world idea of how the website works. And if needed, we can go back to one of the other phases.  $2500 for three weeks of analyzing

During the process, we’ll have an online meeting at least twice per week. If possible, we can do one of the meetings as a local meeting once per week, assuming you’re in the Charlotte, NC area.

Each phase is set to a particular amount of time. The above is a general guide and the bare minimum of what a properly designed website will cost. However, it may be discovered in the discovery sessions that what you want will be more complex, and in that case, we’ll create and agree upon a different outline for you.

On top of that, You’ll receive level 2 or level 3 Webcare at a $100/month discount for the first year once your web solution has been built. More information on Webcare here