This website was created for a client on Codeable in June of 2016. Most of the main items were on this one page, and then we also linked to the already existing store in parts of the menu. We also set up the blog and made the posts sharable on social media.

Vendo Casas – DFW for Digital Space Consulting

While working with Digital Space Consulting, I was put in charge of building out and coding the Vendo Casas DFW website. This included several forms and a house listing system with infinite scroll implimented.

The forms collect the data, mail the leads to Vendo Casas – DFW, and also place the data into a database for review inside of the WordPress dashboard.

Home Tax Solutions for Digital Space Consulting

While working with Digital Space Consulting, I was put in charge of coding the re-designed home page as well as the landing pages. I also coded the mail processor which connected to Salesforce as well as e-mailed several other people at Home Tax Solutions.

Hot Love Soup

I worked on the conversion to a responsive site that works on mobile for Hot Love Soup. The site had already been designed by someone else but the responsiveness had not been completed.

This site was done for the Metropole Global Forum in Los Angeles, California.
Due to budget constraints, mobile responsiveness was never completed.

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Sifa Children Family is a ministry which houses, feeds, clothes, and educates children in the nation of Uganda. This site uses WP E-Commerce, Events Made Easy, and SlideDeck. A great example of what can be done with responsive design as well!

This website is for The Master’s Fellowship of Raleigh, a christian golfing outreach ministry in Raleigh, North Carolina. The site is full screen and responsive, and is powered by WordPress.

NOTE – This organization is no longer in existence. However, I do have a backup of the site and will be bringing it back up soon as an example of the work I’ve done, and I do not yet want to remove this from the portfolio.

This site has been taken down by request of Patrick Seraphin while he gets some things straightened out. The site will eventually be back up.

Patrick Seraphin is a client I started working for in July 2013. He’s a children’s author and motivational speaker. The website is responsive and working well on both mobile and desktop. It is a WordPress-powered website with a three-column theme designed to meet Patrick’s needs. He is also our first client (besides 1ParkPlace who used SlideDeck for most of their clients) to be using SlideDeck on his website.

Though the website is now lauched, development and maintenance continues on this site

Done for 1ParkPlace
Client: Urban Homes San Diego
Tasks” Fix styling issues, remove elements of SlideDeck that were not needed
Urban Homes San Diego is a client of 1ParkPlace. My main job on this was to remove elements of SlideDeck that weren’t needed as well as fix some styling issues that the site had. I added the agent login and placed the “Dwell Well San Diego” graphic into a more suitable position from where it was originally. I also worked to make the agent search page responsive. The menu at the top is not what I’d call responsive, but 1ParkPlace didn’t really focus that much on responsiveness.

This site is owned by Urban Homes San Diego and overall development is done by 1ParkPlace.

Done for 1ParkPlace
Client: Joan Castro
Tasks: Style the custom listing wizard, create and style secondary and sub navigation
Joan Castro/Castro Marketing is a client of 1ParkPlace. On this site, I had to create sub-navigation and style it, as well as style the custom listing wizard.

This site is owned by Castro Marketing and overall development is done by 1ParkPlace.

Done for 1ParkPlace

Client: Prudential Americana Group
Tasks” Style sidebars, fix issues with navigation and home page. This site eventually became one of 1ParkPlace’s base templates for one of their packages as well.

Las Vegas Luxury was the first of many sites based on this template we designed and developed at 1ParkPlace. For this site, I had to style the sub-navigation, sidebars, and forms. I also had to correct a number of issues that were on the front page at the time they put me on the project.

This site is owned by Prudential Americana Group and overall development is done by 1ParkPlace.

This website was not completely designed exactly designed by me, but by the author of the book, Romance Éternelle, Lawrence Miquelon, using GoDaddy’s website builder. However, he had me convert it to WordPress and take care of some design issues on the front page as well

The site is mostly a simple-text based site. Originally, he had set it up where the photo of the grapes and the wine glass would take up the whole page. However, he wanted the text to curve with the wine glass, as you see that it does not. I re-did the design for a fixed page because with the way it previously worked, it would look good at one resolution, but when it was taken to another resolution, it would have been messed up.

I also edited a mobile template somewhat to fit the color scheme of the front page of the site. The mobile template has a little bit different feel but it works great for mobile browsers.

San Diego Cabinets/ had employed me in 2010, and one of my responsibilities was re-designing and maintaining the eCabinets web site.

On this site, I had designed Dreamweaver templates (this site has since been converted to a content management system by someone who came in after me) where they could update just what they needed in Dreamweaver without breaking the design. I had also programmed a contractor’s directory that was driven by PHP and a MySQL database. I also set up their initial e-commerce system.