Why I Haven’t Been Using Codeable Lately

At one time, Codeable was a place for me to find the majority of my clients. It was a great place. I still have my Codeable profile. But I’m not really seeking any new work on it.  Part of that was because I took a much needed break, but there are other reasons too. So what has happened to move me away from Codeable?

Essentially, Codeable is no longer the way I want to do business. It is still a good place, but I feel it’s incompatable with the model I’m going after now. And if I want to gain clients, I have to do something called self promotion, of course. Well, self-promotion is actually something that’s not allowed on Codeable. It seems that it’s about getting Codeable new clients. Somehow if another contractor gets a job, that’s ok because Codeable has a new client, and you’re part of the team so that helps you too! Except that’s not how it works.

If I spend time talking with a client and some other developer gets the job, (and hey, that happens), then that’s fine, but I’ve wasted my time. I’m wasting a lot of time talking with people that ultimately end up hiring someone else. On top of that, I’ve had to compete with people who are just faster at communicating than I am. With the way my brain works, I have to take a bit of time in understanding what is being asked, and it’s a bit more time than most people. This especially puts me at a disadvantage with clients who are in a rush. What the client should realize is there are things you shouldn’t rush too much.

And that’s another thing: new clients are expecting things in a bit more of a hurry, and for less money. Now yes, in the workroom on Codeable, we should let them know it’s going to take more time and more money than what they were expecting. But no, there are certain contractors desperate for the work who will say and do things just to get the job. And I started falling into that trap myself. And I started to forget to take into consideration how long certain things would take, just to give a lower rate. I can’t do that anymore. I’m not going to rush a job for a low budget project. That doesn’t help either of us.

I’m strictly using the progressive design method on websites from this point on. In the method, each phase has a set amount of time. Each part will be worked on for the entirety of that set amount of time. Milestone payments are in place, as are payments for extra time for each phase.

Essentially, I’m not looking for clients who just want things done fast. I’m looking for clients who are wanting things properly planned out, and are willing to take the appropriate amount of time and spend the appropriate amount of money on a well thought out website. Quite frankly, that’s not every client. It may not be you. But then again, it just might be you. I’d say it is you, even if you don’t know it. But you may not have learned your lesson by cheaping out on your website yet.

I know I won’t get new clients overnight. That’s ok. This is why I took a part time retail job. I’m not desperate for the new work. I only want the best clients from this point on, and I want to work for clients who are expecting designers and developers to take the necessary time needed and do the job right.

My goal isn’t to build a website, but a solution that meets your business needs. If that is what you want, then let’s have a discovery session set up and do this the right way! We’ll begin with a minimum of two discovery sessions which will cost $250 and will include some research time as well between the first and second discovery session. The first discovery session will be about you, the client, and not so much about the solution. In later sessions, we will discuss the solution itself, and the process it will take to get there. The sessions are about defining what the goal is, and what the solution needs to be. Then we ideate, prototype, build, and analyze the solution. That is the method that I’m working with.