Pre-priced package plans discontinued, now 100% request-a-quote

As of today, I have ended all pre-priced packages in My web services. I now asess the project details and give a quote.

The reality is, each website has different requirements. Of course I knew this, but at the time we were hoping that a pre-priced plan would make things easier. The reality is that our clients still request a quote anyway.

During the past couple of weeks, I upgraded the way I do quotes. Rather than e-mailing a quote, I am now e-mailing a link to the quote with a proposal and an explanation of the costs and the work done (with as little technical terminology as possible). I believe it’s important for the client to understand the process. That is one thing thepackage plans also didn’t do well.

I ame doing many more things to improve the client experience as well! We will soon have our client area ready, where the client can open a ticket for any service requests. This will be essential for clients who rely on New ExiStance Media for maintenance or hosting.

Request a quote today if you’re interested in having New ExiStance Media work for you!