New site! And finally more content to come soon!

Hello everyone. I’ve been super busy with some clients late in 2015 as well as working on this new website. Well, over the weekend, I finally uploaded the new site.

Notable changes:

Setting up a consultation

In the past, you had to fill out a form to set up a consultation. Then I would get in touch with you, let you know the price and find out when we could set up a date.

Now, you pay for the consultation and we’ll go ahead and set that up right up front. Then I’ll send you the form. You’ll have the option to fill out the form online or fill it out when the first consultation actually takes place. However, to avoid having to do extra meetings, it’s highly suggested that the form be filled out before the first meeting, just so I can be more prepared to help you and your business.

New portfolio system

The new portfolio system is installed, and much faster to navigate, IMO. You’ll get to what you want to much more quickly there. I have some work I need to add to the portfolio. However, I’m finding now I’m relying on my portfolio less, and focusing on solving the problems more. One of my mentors suggests getting rid of the portfolio altogether. But I pick and choose what advice to take, and I know some people want to see previous work that I’ve done. So, the portfolio stays in.

More parallax – story telling

I’ve set this site up with a parallax theme. Yes, this is actually a pre-built theme this time around that I’m going with, where as my previous theme was done from scratch, mostly (actually underscores, just to keep from rebuilding the wheel). I did this mainly as a time saver this time around. Some more customizations will coming to make it a bit more distinguishable.

But I wanted something with some parallax-scroll capabilities, mainly because in some cases, I’ll want to communicate things by telling a story. I don’t like to overdo parallax, but I believe it’s great for story telling. So it’s a tool that I will use. Ultimately the way to market yourself the best is to tell your story.

More changes to come

I will be bringing more changes to the site soon. More importantly, I’m making it a point to get more into the content game in 2016. I meant to do that in 2015 but admittedly failed. But it’s partly because I’ve been so busy with website development work, so really that’s a great thing for me. This time, I’m putting together a better gameplan. So stay tuned!