Hurry Up And Wait: A Great Way For a Client to Mess Up A Freelancer

hurry_up_and_waitSo the freelancer has finished his or her job, it seems. It just needs to go through one final approval process. You found the freelancer on and you are very happy with the site. But there’s one problem. You procrastinate on marking the task as complete, so much so that the freelancer who was relying on that job to pay his or her bills, rent, etc is now late.

That’s happening to me right now, and with a client. I won’t say who, as that would be unprofessional. It’s hurting me and now I’m have to pay a late fee on rent and sell my desktop computer to make up for it. I had plans for this desktop computer. I was going to use it for work and for a Youtube Channel. I was going to do video editing with it. Now, I’ll have to say goodbye to it and put my plans on hold. This should never be.

Dear clients, please be mindful of this. Freelancers often times haven’t figured out their cash flow issues. I’m still working on that myself, honestly. We typically are not big corporations with money to spend. Many of us have left another part time or full time job to focus on this full time. Delays can be critical. And if you really like your freelancer’s work, please do your best to get back in touch with them promptly.

Freelancers are technically a business. But freelancers, unlike corporations, are also human beings. Be considerate and understanding of their needs. Or you may loose them. This particular client, who shall remain nameless here, will no longer have me working for them either through marketplace freelance sites like Codeable or directly. We are done!

Featured image by Ferrous Büller. Used under Creative Commons Attribute-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic License