Educating the Children of Uganda: The mission of Sifa Children

San Diego, CA – Uganda: A nation which faces extreme poverty, a large AIDS epidemic, and many other issues that are not commonplace here in the Unite States. In the midst of this, there is an organization in San Diego founded by a man originally from a suburb of Kampala, Uganda, Michael Muwonge. This organization is Sifa Children.

 They provide homes for previously orphaned and disadvantaged children. These homes are not looked at as orphanages, but as cities. More importantly, they operate as a family. But perhaps the biggest focus of Sifa Children is education.

 Michael Muwonge believes education is an important key to their success. Education is an opportunity that many of the children may not have without Sifa Children. On top of that, they work with others to have children sponsored. Their new website, currently in development by New ExiStance Media, will feature the ability to sponsor children for $30 per month to help educate the children, as well as to provide food, clothes, and shelter.

 About Michael Muwonge

Born and raised in Katwe, a suburb of the capital city Kampala in East Africa, Michael nearly missed going to school because his parents could not afford paying his way through school. With the help of his eldest siter, Harriet, who stopped school at the age of 13 and started working to help pay for her siblings to go to school, Michael was fortunate enough to get an education.

 After traveling to various countries all over the world, Michael realized the need of educating the orphans, underprivileged, and disadvantaged children in Uganda. He found it especially important in the villages and the rural areas. As a result, the Sifa Children’s vision was born.

 About Sifa Children

Sifa is a Swahili word for praise. Sifa is committed to transforming the lives of the orphan children of Uganda from a life of pain, going without basic needs and with a lack of education, to a life of praise and grattitude.

 The Statistics

Uganda is a country in eastern Africa, about the size of the state of Oregon. It’s population is 34 million. 50% of these children are under the age of 15. 90% of the population are in the villages and rural areas, and live on less than a dollar a day.

To learn more about Sifa Children, you may contact them or visit their website.

 Michael Muwonge and Frank Martinez: