A Rebranding and Pricing Model Change is Happening!

Hi everyone! A rebranding is happening right now! First, a name change is coming. In the beginning of the year, Joey Cagle Web Solutions will be Cagle Web Solutions.

Furthermore, I’m changing the pricing model a bit. I’m still implementing the progressive design method. However, I am taking more of a subscription-based, productized, approach.

Essentially, I will have one of three packages available:

One Day Package – $200/day
Great for:
-Minor website adjustments
-Testing the waters, getting an idea of how Cagle Web Solutions works for you and with you
-A design mockup or a few graphics
-Discovery session time

One Week Package – $800/week (20% discount from One Day Package)
Great for:
-Coding small projects
-Ideate or Prototyping phases for website projects (sketching, graphical ideas for ideating, creating live mockups for prototyping)

One Month Package – $2800/month (20 days for the price of 14, 30% discount from One Day Package)
Great for:
-Larger projects that may take about a month or more
-Long term projects that may take multiple months
-Long term development relationship for your website, including WebCare Level 3 features

As many of you know, I’m currently working a retail job. However, my plan is to work that job on weekends in the new year, and return to doing web development Monday through Friday. The pricing model above is one I’ve considered for a while, but this would be very difficult with the random schedule of retail. With my new schedule coming in the new year, this should be more feasible. Unfortunately my retail schedule, as I had feared, did lead me to lose a couple of clients earlier this year. My new schedule should prevent that, and should also help me to move more towards this model.

Codeable is no longer really part of my plan, except in situations where I see projects that I find interesting and I’m absolutely in need of the work. But the whole idea of working a retail job, for me, was to not put myself in a position where I’m desperate for the work anyway. And I’m thankful I’m not desperate for the work. However, I would much prefer to be doing web development full time, if I’m quite honest about things. Fortunately it does look like I can manage to take care of this again and be able to serve my clients much faster and more efficiently since I will have a more regular schedule in the new year.