The Voices, They Are Many…

Yesterday, I decided to completely shut down the business.

Let me explain. I’m still doing website design. But quite frankly, last night I had had enough.

In the website design world, there are lots of people telling you how to run your business. Some will tell you that “you shouldn’t accept any jobs under $1000” while others will say “You need to have a competitive price to stay in the game these days”.

The way I see it, there are those who are successful on both ends.

They do what works for them.  Well, I need to do what works for me. And quite frankly, some of what I’ve been trying hasn’t worked for me.

We have a tendency to have this “one size fits all” mentality. I recently listened to some advice from James Dalman in a video at a class he taught at WordCamp Atlanta about how to make a 6 figure income in website design. While I think it was great advice and it worked for him, I’m not so sure it’s working for me 100%. And maybe it’s because I’m where I’m at. I don’t have any big, well known clients, right now. In fact, I haven’t really, other than during the time I was a contractor at 1ParkPlace.

I definitely believe my skills are worth it. However, admittedly, my clientele list isn’t so much to really prove that yet.

I’ve got to stop coming into agreement with the other voices I hear in the web design industry and I’ve got to go with what works for me.

With that being said, I will accept some lower budget clients again (below $1000). And I will offer solutions based on both the budget and the client’s needs. Yes, I know some will think that’s a bad idea. But considering the position I’m in, it works for me. And besides, like I was saying, if you think it’s a bad idea, you’re just one of the voices.

With that being said, a client who is paying only $500, of course, isn’t going to get everything that a client who pays $2000 will get. And that makes sense.

Anyway, I hope I’ve made myself clear on this. Listening to lots of different voices, or even the voices of a few who mean well is not always a good thing. Advice can be a good thing, but we need to learn to listen to advice while at the same time recognize when some advice, while well intentioned, just isn’t going to work for you.