I Need a Simple Site: Why more of a description is needed and why it might take longer than a day…

While searching through Craig’s List or just talking with people who need a website, sometimes people leave it at “I need a simple site”. Ok, so I design something simple, and you have something different in mind that may or may not be simple? What if I overcomplicate it for you? What if it’s TOO simple? Sometimes they say something like “I need a business-ready website”. OK. What, to you, is a business-ready website? Because different businesses have different features on their website, depending on their needs.

Many people are probably turned off because our quote form is a bit long. That’s ok. It’s actually a way to weed out people who aren’t so serious about their website from those that are. We require details.

We also have a three-payment system. A client pays 1/3 down at the beginning to secure the studio time to come up with a few design concepts. In the design stage, there’s planning going on as well as far as what features are needed, and we put thought into what goes where.  A concept is chosen and finalized, and we move to the development stage!

I have seen with those that want simple sites where these people say “it shouldn’t take more than a day to build a simple website”. Well maybe that’s true, IF you skip the planning phase. But if you’ve skipped the planning phase, you’ve already failed.

You really have to have a plan. And we need to come up with a plan to help your website succeed. The details are important for us to provide you with a good quote and to provide the best service possible. We don’t share the details of any website project, so you need not worry about giving the details.

So, I encourage all perspective clients to be more detailed about what you want!