So you had your down payment stolen…

It’s a common thing I’ve heard from perspective clients. They’ve had their down payment stolen from their previous designer. And you know, it really sucks for them. I completely understand.

However, my policy does not change. I do require a down payment. A down payment helps secure anything that may need to be bought, such as special software for the site, art supplies, other outsourced designers who may also require a down payment, etc. The down payment also protects us, of course, from clients who may take the work and never pay a dime. Also, if the contract is going to go for more than a few weeks, keep in mind the designer has to pay rent and take care of other needs. You don’t want your designer ending up hungry and homeless.

But how do you protect the client from the designer that just takes the money and runs?

This is where a contract is where that comes in. A contract has protections for both the client and the designer. You will find in my contracts that once I receive any down payment from you, that I am bound to do the work.

Make sure that if you make a deposit to begin work that you also have a contract. With New ExiStance Media, we are bound to do the work once you make that payment. And we don’t like lawsuits.