Never Give Up On Your Goals

I’ve given on on website design and development – at least twice. And it’s something I won’t ever do anymore, unless I decide that it’s impeding me from other things I want to do in life.

For me, something didn’t feel right when I quit website design and development those two times. I might have taken a break, but something brought me back into it. My brain loves the challenges of designing and developing a website that will be a solution to their problem.

But imagine if I never pursued website design and development ever again. I wouldn’t be doing my Youtube/DTube/DLive channel, Joey Tech Talks. I’d be stuck in retail as my only source of making a living. (though to be clear, I have had to work retail jobs from time to time to make ends meet). I wouldn’t have had some of the amazing clients I eventually found, whether they be current clients or past clients.

I know for sure that I wouldn’t have the amazing girlfriend that I have now. I’ve been dating her for a year and a half now. I’m not really good at picking up on social cues or body language, admittedly, but I remember another woman told me that a woman likes a man who loves the job that he does. And my girlfriend, before I dated her, communicated that she thought it was amazing I loved doing website design and development so much. Had I not been in that position, I don’t think I’d have any clue she was even interested in me, even if I was interested in her.

Great and wonderful things happen when you don’t quit, and you pursue your goals. Never give up on your goals! There will be setbacks. I’ve had jobs with clients that have gone wrong. I’ve had employment that I’ve lost (including recently at The GRID: Powered By Goodwill). I’ve had some people think I’m nuts for continuing after failure after failure. But I continue on. I know if I quit, it will come back to bite me, or that passion may come back stronger than ever and I can’t take my mind off it. So don’t quit in the first place.

Well, there are some exceptions, and I be talking about those exceptions in another blog post. But essentially, the exceptions are essentially when you just know you no longer have the passion for it and that your passion lies elsewhere and that nothing can bring you back, and when the pursuit of that goal hurts your ability to reach other goals in your life, or when it hurts other people in your life.

There are also times where you don’t necessarily need to give up, but maybe your goals should be modified. I’ve had to do that too. I had intended on niching down to creating websites in the restaurant industry. But I found that the restaraunts that would pay what I had hoped already had wonderful websites that were meeting their needs, and the ones that didn’t were the ones that just couldn’t afford to pay what I really need to be paid. So I have to modify my plans. I don’t currently have a niche I’m targetting but I’m considering other niches. The goal has been modified, but I’m not giving up.

With the exceptions I’ve mentioned, never give up on your goals. Even if you don’t succeed at all of your goals, great things will happen in the process!

Photo by Brad Barmore on Unsplash