Two dirty words at Apple – “Branding” and “Marketing” (And a great tip for marketing)

I just recently read an article on Business Insider about the two most dreaded, hated words by Steve Jobs at Apple, “branding” and “marketing”.

Interestingly, they are terms use so much in graphic design and website design. I personally have never particularly cared for marketing, or at least marketing the way it’s thought of.

Teaching People! That’s Real Marketing!

What Steve Jobs wanted to do was educate people. And through educating people, it helped to sell their products.

And that’s what I’m doing with New ExiStance Media. I’m hope that, through educating people more about website design, that people will see me as someone who can be trusted; someone who know’s what he’s doing. And through that, I can bring great clients in. Of course it doesn’t happen overnight, but I believe it’s effective.

The same goes with the marketing plans I have for clients. What I want to do is set it up where people are being educated about the things my clients do.

On my former employer Safeway’s Facebook page, I notice it’s not all about selling a product. You’ll get great tips for your food and recipes, too. It’s educational. Of course they want you to buy the Safeway brand but it’s free education for the customers, and it drives in more business.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to market yourself isn’t to market yourself; it’s to teach others. Now you may think by teaching others, it reduces the value of what you do because they now know more about your field. Not so! Yes, they know more about your field, but by knowing more about your field, they see the value in what you do and what you are selling.

Education is good marketing! Trying to sell something is just bad marketing.

“Marketing is when you have to sell to somebody. If you aren’t providing value, if you’re not educating them about the product, if you’re not helping them get the most out of the product, you’re selling. And you shouldn’t be in that mode.” ~ former Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing Communication Allison Johnson

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