I’m still here, despite the lack of blog updates!

I hope you’re all doing well. I realize it’s been almost a year since I’ve posted an update.

Basically, I had to take a job at Food Lion, and eventually at Target again. And working at Target, my schedule is quite random.

I now have Mondays dedicated to web development, as well as alternating from week to week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

With my schedule so random, though, and especially when it’s super busy, I sometimes get executive dysfunction (this is due to my autism, mainly) and I have moments where I have trouble getting things done. But the executive dysfunction issue is minimized with making sure I have dedicated times for web development.

Retail is not exactly autism-friendly in the first place. But I’ve done it so much, even before knowing that I had autism, that when I have less website design and development work, I need that retail work as backup. It would be nice to find a backup with a more regular schedule, but I’m not sure what that backup would be.

Other things that have kept me away from updating my blog would be difficult living situations,, as well as having to move out of a place back in November. I’ve essentially been living in someone’s large closet that is used as a makeshift bedroom since then. The lease is up soon so I will be moving again, but this time the plan is moving in with my girlfriend with what appears to be a more stable situation (though we have had one setback so far with that, but as of right now, it still looks like we’re going through with the move)

Anyway, for a time I had been working with Ella B. Candles with a modified Level 2 Webcare package which we actually used to somewhat re-design the website over time. On top of that, I’ve worked with The Climate Registry on a new website called the Water Energy Nexus Registry, and sometime soon I will add this new site to my portfolio.

And I’m pleased to announce this site is now using Gutenberg for the editor in WordPress, and moving forward, I will be using the Gutenberg editor. I find it much faster than third party page builders like WP-Bakery, and developer support for the Gutenberg editor has quickly gorwn.