Romance Éternelle

This website was not completely designed exactly designed by me, but by the author of the book, Romance Éternelle, Lawrence Miquelon, using GoDaddy's website builder. However, he had me convert it to WordPress and take care of some design issues on the front page as well

The site is mostly a simple-text based site. Originally, he had set it up where the photo of the grapes and the wine glass would take up the whole page. However, he wanted the text to curve with the wine glass, as you see that it does not. I re-did the design for a fixed page because with the way it previously worked, it would look good at one resolution, but when it was taken to another resolution, it would have been messed up.

I also edited a mobile template somewhat to fit the color scheme of the front page of the site. The mobile template has a little bit different feel but it works great for mobile browsers.

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